Abstract: The proposed system accepts both digital and analog signals of different precision. The system works in two ways, data acquisition mode and actuation mode. During data acquisition operation the analog values or digital bits are read by the processor, where the processing is carried out based on the constraints provided by the user through GUI. The processed data is transferred by embedded controller to the Host PC with the help of a Universal Serial Bus hub/Host controller, connected through a serial Bus (USB2.0). Data acquisition starts with the input provided by the user command. The Embedded Host controller unit performs the data acquisition and transmits to the Host PC via USB. In data actuation operation the input can be analog value or digital value. When user provides digital value in Host PC, digital input values are given to processor via USB. The processor unit performs processing by converting digital input to analog output values, result will be obtained from output port of processor. When user gives a value in Host PC, the value gets converted to digital format by PC which can be interpreted by the system. Discrete values are given as input to processor unit via USB. The Analog to Digital converter will be performed in processor by converting discrete values to analog output. Analog output values are obtained from output ports of processor.

Keywords: GUI, Host PC, mbed NXP LPC 1768 embedded controller, ADC, DAC, USB.