Abstract: The need for renewable energy sources is increasing due to increase in world’s energy demand. Solar energy is one of the widely used renewable energy source due to efficiency, size, maintainability. In this work dc power from the solar panel is boosted using a boost converter and then it is given to inverter which gives AC Power which runs an induction motor. To get the maximum power available a MPPT controller is used to control the Boost converter. There are different types of MPPT algorithms in which artificial intelligence techniques are popular. Artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic are two different types of artificial intelligence techniques used to design MPPT controller for PV system. Depending on solar radiation and temperature MPPT controller gives optimum duty cycle to the switch of the boost converter. In this work fuzzy logic technique is used to control the MPPT to give optimized duty cycle.

Keywords: MPPT, PV, ANN, FL.