Abstract: In Digital Signal Processing, there are different applications are found for Filters. The filters are categorised and designed as IIR filter or FIR filter for different applications dependent upon impulse response. In this paper a notch filter is designed of high quality factor to cut specifically 100Hz. This notch frequency is chosen because at that frequency some noise may be observed or harmonics of the main signal may me observed that can be referred as the noise. To stop or notch those type of noise and as the frequency standard for main electricity is 50Hz , the corresponding suitable Notch filter is designed which perfectly cut 100Hz frequency without using any amplification device. The simulations are done on the IIR Notch Filter and the result shows that the analog filter, that is designed from which the IIR filter is designed is highly accurate in specification of components and other required parameters which is reflected in the coefficient values.

Keywords: IIR Filter, Notch filter, Digital filters, analog to digital mapping, coefficients.