Abstract: Electronic Voting Machine or EVM is generally used to count the poll result at the time of vote. In EVM generally a counting part is available where the counting are done and the count value is stored in the memory. In this paper, the design of the Wireless EVM has been proposed where the counting will be done in a remote section to avoid the fault or error caused by the several problems such as wrong button press, wrong counting, theft caused by the Stationary EVM. The data will be transferred from the EVM machine through a transmitter and this signal will be caught up by the receiver of the Counting module. The count will be shown at the display side as per preference that is the real time display cab ne turned off during the poll time. In this device, the voter cannot press the poll button of their preference twice as the device will be deactivated after single press. That is why the design proposed in this paper is of reduced error and works efficiently.

Keywords: Wireless Data Acquisition, RF Module, Microcontroller, Security, Signal encoding and decoding, Wireless Count, Real time system.