Abstract: Mechatronics system design involves the modelling of physical system before the prototype developments which has been beneficial in any system design in recent years. In an application such as controlling of robot manipulator through the actuator like stepper motor, servo motor has always been challenging with respect to the performance of controller. In this paper, the transfer function of stepper motor as well as Leadscrew is derived. The Leadscrew converts the rotational motion to linear motion. The overall system for actuation is designed with both stepper motor & Leadscrew with taking account of fractional order controller (FOPID) along with performance metrics such as ITSE, ITAE & ISE. The result distinguishes the dynamic performance of the system with the designed fractional order controller & conventional fractional PID controller in terms of transient response characteristics such as peak time, rise time, settling time & in further shows that not only fractional controller (FOPID) is better than conventional PID controller but also the result characterized with performance indexes like ITSE, ITAE & ISE holds good.

Keywords: Mechatronics, Fractional order controller, Stepper Motor, Leadscrew transfer function.