Abstract: In the fields of data security, access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. Digital Security access control systems are designed to avoid unauthorized entry. It will control one door in a single room or many arrivals in an entire building. This is truly the best way to limit or control access to certain areas and know who has been where and when. It is introduced as an alternative system to the most common access control system using physical keys, mechanical locks, digital keypads, digital access cards, biometric access control to increase the level of ease to access a statement. However, an intruder is able to gain access to the premise if he possesses the access card or the physical keys. We propose an access control system that utilizes near field communication (NFC) device information hiding technique using stegenography to overwhelmed the disadvantage mentioned previously on the existing systems.

Keywords: Access control system, NFC smartphone/device, near field communication, information hiding, authentication, stego-photo.