Abstract: A low-power flip-flop (FF) design featuring an explicit type pulse-triggered structure and a modified true single phase clock latch based on a signal feed-through scheme is presented. The proposed design successfully solves the long discharging path problem in conventional explicit type pulse-triggered FF (P-FF) designs and achieves better speed and power performance. Based on post-layout simulation results using cadence virtuoso CMOS 180-nm technology, the proposed design outperforms the conventional P-FF design. The proposed design features the best power-delay-product performance in both implicit and explicit type flip flops under comparison. Counters can be designed using such flip flop. As a result power consumption is reduced compared to conventional methods. In this paper, a low power explicit pulse triggered flip flop is discussed as a proper choice of low power applications and comparison with other flip flop architectures.


Keywords: Flip-flop (FF), low power, pulse-triggered, signal feed through scheme.