Abstract: The design of a RISC processor with memory controller is done in this paper. For the best use of memory, this processor contains a memory module and control unit which are included in the processor design. This Processor embodies 15 basic instructions involving Arithmetic, Logical, and Data Transfer and control instructions. To implement these instructions the design incorporates various design blocks like Control Unit (CU), Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU), Accumulator, Program Counter (PC), Instruction Register (IR), Memory and additional logic. A new architecture is implemented for the proposed RISC processor with 32 bit input. The processor has small instruction set and control logic design is very much simplified. It is basically designed in order to achieve faster executions and the processor can execute each instruction within one clock cycle. All individual logic blocks are simulated using ModelSim Simulator and top module is obtained by connecting all the blocks in an order.

Keywords: 32 bit RISC processor, memory (RAM and ROM), Memory module and control unit, simple instruction set, faster executions.