Abstract: The bone fracture is a typical issue in people happens because of high weight applied on bone or straightforward mischance and furthermore because of osteoporosis and bone disease. Along these lines the precise analysis of bone break is essential viewpoints in medicinal field. In this work X- ray beam or CT images are utilized for bone fracture investigation. The point of this paper is to build up a image processing based productive framework for a efficient and precise characterization of bone cracks in light of the data picked up from the x-ray or CT images. Images of the cracked bone are acquired from healing facility and handling systems like pre-preparing, division, edge location and highlight extraction strategies are embraced. The handled pictures will be additionally characterized into broken and non fractured bone and look at the exactness of various techniques. This undertaking is completely utilized MATLAB 7.8.0 as the programming language for stacking images, image processing and UI advancement. Results got show the execution of the bone break recognition framework with a few impediments and great precision of 90 %. The different target and subjective assessment measurements and quality are ascertained to analyze the outcomes. The wavelet based combination techniques utilizing diverse combination rules are thought about both subjectively and also impartially. The exploratory outcomes demonstrate that the pixel least strategy is giving the better outcomes in regard of utilizing edge based quality measurements expansion technique saw to be better in protecting the edge data. One Image combination technique can be ideal for one specific application however may not for another application. So it relies upon which data to concentrate, improve, and remake or recover to utilize the specific image fusion strategy.

Keywords: X ray and CT images, Edge detection, Fusion methods, image wavelet, Image fusion.