Abstract: Ever increasing growth of electricity demand and promising growth of renewable energy production has necessitated the requirement of an efficient grid tie inverter. In the proposed system, grid tie inverter control is based on the d-q reference frame controller. Grid voltage and inverter current are transformed through d-q transformation to convert into dc components and the error signal is passed through a PI controller to supply active power to grid. Modified Unipolar Sine Wave Pulse Width Modulation (MUSPWM) is used to reduce switching loss. The simulation of system is carried out using MATLAB/ Simulink. The reactive current reference of d-q based controller is set to zero and active current reference is based on the active power to be supplied to the grid. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the controller in ensuring only active power supply to grid in steady state.

Keywords: Grid tie inverter, d-q reference frame, MATLAB/Simulink, MUSPWM.