Abstract: In the developing countries accident is the major cause of death. If we gaze at the top 10 dangerous roads in the world we can see that all of them are mountain roads and curve roads. In the mountain roads there will be tight curves and the roads will be narrow. In these kinds of situations the driver of a vehicle cannot see vehicles coming from opposite side. Thousands of people lose their lives each year because of this problem. Since we are talking about mountain roads here other side might be lead to a cliff. The solution for this problem is alerting the driver about the vehicle coming from opposite side. This is done by keeping an ultrasonic sensor in one side of the road before the curve and keeping a LED light after the curve, so that if vehicle comes from one end of the curve sensor senses and LED light glows at the opposite side. By looking at the LED light on/off criteria driver can become alert and can slow down the speed of the vehicle.

Keywords: Curve roads, accident prevention, sensor, mountain road, hill roads, ultrasonic sensor, alerting the driver.