Abstract: This paper deals with the design of decoupler for TITO process to enhance its performance. MIMO process is where all the inputs and outputs are coupled to each other and therefore it is very difficult to control. In this type of process the interactions will be very strong and to eliminate such interactions among their loops, it is needed to design a decoupler. After designing of decoupler then the various control techniques have been done such as PID (proportional-Integral-derivative), MPC (Model Predictive Controller), MRAC (Model Reference Adaptive Control). The mathematical model of Wood and Berry distillation column is considered for the analysis. It is one of the most underestimated fields of chemical engineering and has been around for well over hundred years. Simulation results are done in MATLAB simulink and comparison analyses of various controllers are carried out. The valuation of diverse time domain parameters is done to establish that the adaptive control and Model predictive controller has diminutive overshoot and speedy response as compared to PID controller .The performance evaluation illustrates a good relationship between PID,MPC and adaptive controller.

Keywords: PID, Auto tuning, Decoupling, Distillation column, MPC, Adaptive.